About Me

25 Random Facts…

  1. I have never been able to picture my life beyond the age of twenty five.
  2. Life long collector of teddy bears!!
  3. Favorite color is Pink.
  4. Introvert.
  5. I am terrified of pain, needles and blood.
  6. Hate spiders!!
  7. I enjoy drinking tea just as much as coffee! But would gladly give up tea if forced to choose.
  8. Expert list maker.
  9. Uses far too many emojis and exclamation points in everyday life!!!!
  10. I have silently suffered from, often crippling, anxiety for most of my life.
  11. Easily distracted by all things sparkly, shiny, cute & cuddly!!
  12. Love skirts and dresses with pockets!!
  13. Could care less if pants or jeans have pockets.
  14. Avid collector of Dooney & Bourke handbags.
  15. Empath.
  16. I have always wanted a tattoo but have yet to get one. (see #5)
  17. A pagan witch, who study’s more than she practices.
  18. Summer is my least favorite season.
  19. Recovering insomniac.
  20. I have been living with depression for the better part of the last two decades.
  21. Bruises like a banana.
  22. I love decorating for and celebrating all holidays and seasons.
  23. Avid crafter.
  24. I love to cook and bake, even though it was never my intention to even learn how.
  25. Trying hard everyday to be the person my kids raised me to be.